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Here is a list of songs that you can sing with the kids on the bus. Don't be afraid to sing these if you have a few adults on the bus as well most will find them amusing. If your not use to singing on your bus these songs may seem silly to you at first, but the kids enjoy them and they usually keep their attention, so instead of running around the bus and throwing objects and sticking the heads out the windows they are sitting in their seats singing.


Munchie Crunchie
Probably the most famous song at my church the kids love it.


Oh Soldier
Another repeat song easy to learn and goes with Army of the Lord themes.


Baby Shark
Not one of my favorites but the kids like it


The B-I-B-L-E

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I'm in the Lord's Army


Jesus Loves Me
Two Version of this classic
Somebody loves me
Great song


If your saved and you know it
Adaptation of if your happy and you know it.


I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N
Does not work too well on my route probably b/c I can't spell (that's a TN education for ya {:'>]) but a good song nevertheless.


Peace Like a River


Deep and wide
Two Version of this classic

Of course some of these song's you can find anywhere, some are harder to find, I hope to add more of the latter soon b/c come on why do you want the same songs you can find anywhere else (then again some sites don't the songs listed the fun way to sing them sooo maybe I will keep some of them)

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If any of these songs are copyrighted materials please let me know and I will remove it from the site. And on that note if you post any scripture on a website that is not KJV please be aware that you are posting copyrighted material, seeing that the KJV is the only public domain Bible. What does that tell you?
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